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Progress is continuing behind the scenes on many projects. We are doing a major re-organization of infrastructure as we are consolidating from 6 VPS (hosted Virtual Private Servers) to a dedicated server (more capable hardware) and 3 VPSs. With the dedicated server, we will be bringing some nice new services online (Stay Tuned!). With the new infrastructure upgrades, we are able to keep operating costs in-line with only a marginal increase, while providing better resources for continued development and growth. Currently operating costs are just under $75 USD/month. Currently most all support for this project is coming from Bean Core members.

So a *BIG THANK YOU* to our Bean Core members who are helping to keep this project alive and moving forward!

Also a *BIG* thank you to for providing one of our VPSs! The CloudMonkey donated VPS is being used to run a full-time BitBean node, bitbean-electrum server (for Android Keychain & future Desktop Electrum "wallet"), our private Git Server, and soon our own Jenkins/Hudson server!

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