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Announcing: 100K Bitbean Bounty

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A bounty of 100,000 BitB for whoever can get a Bitbean faucet operational and on-line first.

An additional 100,000 Bitbeans will be deposited to the faucet once it is operational!

The operator of the faucet should contact to give the details of the operational Bitbean faucet and to collect the 100,000 Bitbean bounty!

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append delete #1. Bitbeaner

The bounty has been closed.

A new BitBean Faucet has been setup:

100,000 BitBean Bounty has been paid to the operator of the Faucet: 2K7oq5fPhhdrCiTra9AqqKEPT68QHHSYAT

Additionaly, 50,000 BitBeans have been sent to the faucet to fund it. Another 50,000 BitBeans will be sent as needed to maintain the faucets operations.

append delete #2. whitebeard

Nice site! and seems to be getting more popular! Keep up the good work!!

:: @whitebeard added on 03 Jan ’16 · 02:00

I will add a link to it on my site

:: @Bitbeaner added on 05 Jan ’16 · 03:01

Thank you, much appreciated.

append delete #3. whitebeard

Looks like it has run out of coin... Do you guys check regularly to refill it?

:: @Bitbeaner added on 23 Jan ’16 · 00:30

Bean Core has already put in excess of 200k BitBeans into the faucet. Time for the community to help.

append delete #4. HB

It looks like the faucet disappeared - anyone who knows if it is for ever?

:: @Bitbeaner added on 17 Feb ’16 · 22:27

I am looking into it, to find out what has happened.

append delete #5. protradex

Does anybody know of a product similar to faucetinabox that is compatible with BITB?


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