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BitBean Is Currently Leading #2 in Votes on Coin Payments! Help us get to #1!

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BitBean is a digital currency that is considered by some to be just a speculative crypto-currency, without real-world usage. That may be true for only a short time, but that is not the future for BitBean. It is Bean Core's plan to move BitBean into the mainstream and to be a leader of digital currencies of the future! While it is important to get BitBean into many exchanges, what is even more important is that an eco-system is developed for it, to be used in trade of goods and services. To this end, Bean Core has made an initial investment in votes, to get BitBean to the #2 spot on CoinPayments ( It is now up to the BitBean Community ("Team Bean") to help propel us to #1 and keep us there, so we may get BitBean added to Coin Payments in the near future!

We ask for your support in this very important project!

Thank you!

On Behalf of Bean Core,

Shawn Kent
Project Manager & Lead Developer,
Bean Core, Team Bean, BitBean

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