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BitBean looking for suggestions to name its smallest unit

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When BitBean was first created, the base unit was named after nokat, the original developer, much like the bitcoin community named the satoshi after Satoshi Nakamoto.
Since "nokat" tried to dump all of his coins and crash the BitBean blockchain shortly after launching it, we believe the name for this unit should be changed. To that end, we are asking the community to suggest appropriate names.

Some suggestions have been put forward:
*shawn* - after the current lead developer who spends many uncompensated hours working on the project
*lentil* - "because they are tiny beans"

Please help us add to this list, or add your support for the suggestions already submitted.

We will conduct a more formal poll later.

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*lentil* - "because they are tiny beans"

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I was actually going to suggest 'lentil' because I live in the lentil capital of America (eastern Washington and northern Idaho). Besides, it's the perfect name for your smallest unit.

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These suggestions have been posted or e-mailed in:
Navy bean , that being the smallest bean so I think it would go pretty good name for small amounts under 1 full bean..
I think Beaner for smaller unit may sound nice for BEAN as larger unit.
Beanny could be another suggestion.
I think go with the flow and choose beanoshi. I mean after all it is still mostly his code.
So BitBeanToshi, or Beantoshi for short.--The correct word for any altcoin is a combination of the coin's name and satoshi.
boshi - keep it simple keep it short
mung - "the smallest known bean"
adzuki - "in keeping with Japanese names, the red mung bean, the smallest of the mung beans"
Since the logo has a bean being powered into flight by his own gaseous expulsions, maybe the smallest unit could be a fart, or fartoshi, or toot.
I would imagine 'notwat' would be an appropriate label for this denomination.
This phase of the renaming process is complete.
The suggestions will be screened by the BitBean BOD and Dev Core; then we will announce the finalists and begin the formal poll.

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beanoshi, why not, this is good! :D

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bean > beanlet
kinda like
man > manlet


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