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Getting on New Exchange: Cryptopia

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If you would like to see BitBean added to Cryptopia, please donate some BitBeans to this address: 2JS3mLHNSRVRjdACohFhvoH1X9SFh6s2HY

We need about 500,000 BitBeans to get listed there. When the address reaches the required amount, Bean Core will approach Cryptopia owners and proceed to request a listing.

As many of you may know, we have de-listed Cryptsy ( from our Web-Site, and recommend our community not to use them anymore. In the last 3 months, they have not been processing withdrawals in a timely manner and there have been countless reports of users not receiving their funds.

Exchanged a lot of the BitBean in the Cryptopia fund to DOT at current market prices. Here are the updated balances:

Current Team Bean Cryptopia Exchange Fund: 445,550.16879192 DOTs
(DOT Address: 17taHXjS8ozg8WCQeUpk4CNZx7Ljz6Yak9)

Current Team Bean Cryptopia Exchange Fund: 30,047.17439832 BitBean
(BitBean Address: 2JS3mLHNSRVRjdACohFhvoH1X9SFh6s2HY)

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