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Lost some BITB

append delete Ploffert

Can anyone help me with an issue? I was combining small blocks into bigger blocks (of approx 25k). This was going fine. One time I got an error saying the beans were already used. Now all is finished and I miss one transfer of approx 28k beans. My total amount dropped 28k although the blockhain explorer still states the correct amount. Any idea how to find the missing beans?

Under transactions I have one payment to self that is conflicted

Just to sure: transactions were all within the wallet

I tried checking bean control display. All beans are within one address. Bean control also states the 'wrong' amount.

All transactions I can see are deductions of -0.01 BITB for fees.
And one +0.04 BITB.

Still there is 28k BITB missing

Anyone any ideas?

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