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Over 300,000 BitBean Giveaway on Twitter

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Over 300,000 BitBean will be given away on Twitter between now and the launch of BitBean Core v1.1.2!

Re-tweet #BitBean $BITB #digitalcash #TeamBeanOnFire

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Here's my tweet... first ever after all these years... LOL


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hey nice this is my adres

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Here is my tweet

My bitbean wallet:

:: @Chou added on 28 Jun ’17 · 14:53

please look for Alapbangla retweet

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Here is my tweet:

Also, I've just downloaded your wallet and about to begin to sprout:


append delete #31. hb45

hello :)
My tweet:

My wallet:

Thank you :)

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append delete #33. RoK

Hello bitbean team,

Any schedule when BitBean Core v1.1.2 will be released?

On the website it says Point of Sale solutions will be available this summer. Did you make any progress regarding that? And further information about how this should be done and when?

As you don't do quarterly Roadmap anymore and moved to a project management system. Is there a link where we can access it and check your development status?

As you are doing a giveaway on Twitter right now, why don't you post that news on Twitter and only here is the message board? Would make things easier for all fans to just retweet your tweet:)

Have an awesome day.

Looking forward to your reply and the upcoming news there might be.

Cheers RoK

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here is my tweet

and my wallet

Regards and great success!

append delete #35. ecuageek
My tweet... i'm learning about Bitbean...
My BitBean Address

append delete #36. Shubham

Here is my tweet:

And my BitBean address:

Go Bitbean!

#37. Satyam

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#38. Satyam

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Is this competition still valid? Sorry I have to keep deleting my comments because i sent them without the address.

My address: 2Vy2D5LUKmSTeExkwykWALVyhmAy6Fd3sS

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