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Seasons Greetings and Update!

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Seasons Greetings to our Bean Family!

I want to encourage our community to expand and break out into other Social media, and to spread awareness of BitBean. Please post your ideas on this thread.

Also I invite you to participate here:

and especially here:

This is a community project to expand our Social media outlets and spread the word about BitBean!

I would also like to repost from our Twitter recent events in relation to Cryptsy:

Cheers and wishing a very happy holiday to all our Bean Family!


Shawn Kent (aka Bitbeaner)

P.S. Development work is continuing behind the scenes for BitBean. Bean Core has a long-term vision for BitBean, and it is being developed to be an enterprise-level, long-term crypto-currency. We're not going anywhere! This is not a get-rich quick scheme. If you are new to Bitbean, plan on investing for a minimum of a year. It took Bitcoin many years to get where it is..with a much bigger community and resources. We have a long-term vision, and no-matter what the current market price is, work is being done daily and progress continues...

I want to express my appreciation for the many Beaners who are standing strong behind Bitbean, and who have a vested interest to see it succeed in the marketplace!

Beans Stick Together!

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Beans need a MAC OS X 10.6 wallet... I got millions of beans to put in the work but no way to do so as no valid wallet.


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

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