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Wallet Syncing help

append delete Peter

Ive been trying to sync my wallet on both PC and mac but all I get is the red "X" in the corner. Debug report says "connection timeout". Any suggestions?

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append delete #1. Bitbeaner

Peter: If your still needing help with this, please join our Live Chat, as it is easier to assist you with the issue in real-time.

Our Live Chat:

append delete #2. EvRo74

Can anyone tell me - what is the cause of my problem?
I installed the wallet (win-32 1.1.0 RC), but it does not synchronize. A few days of hanging open to no avail.
Should the synchronization process be seen - as in other wallets - a line indicating the number of blocks loaded?
At me such line did not appear.
Help me please! While I keep all my coins in POSWallet

append delete #3. EvRo74

Does Litve Chat is working yet?

append delete #4. JimLahey

tried live chat, they said you need to add nodes to the config file of bitbean. problem i have is i can't seem to find that bit bean config. or the wallet.dat

append delete #5. Bitbeaner

We have updated the Downloads site:

Please check there for updated instructions.

Or if you need more help, visit our Live Chat for assistance: (Firefox is recommended)

append delete #6. yaqui

I just downloaded the bitbean wallet and it is not synching. I looked for the config. file but one does not exist. Please help.


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