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What would you like to see in the BitBean Wallet?

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What would you like to see in the BitBean Wallet? What features or what information do you think it's good to have on it and also, what information do you think it's unnecessary?

This tread will be like a dropbox of ideas and suggestions like a brainstorm in order to deliver one wallet that goes inline with the community ideals.

Thanks in advanced,
BeanMeUp - BeanDesigner

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append delete #1. DCGirl

I'd like to see the wallet be a widget on my desktop that's always on. So I don't need to have a big window open. And I'd really like to see an automated install that backs up wallet.dat, so non-techies aren't intimidated by wallets.

Really, all of the commands should be accessible by non-techies. So if a rescan is needed, for example, they could bring up a list of options, find rescan (with an explanation of what it does) and click it.

Make it easy, and more people will want to use it.

Good luck with your coin

append delete #2. Bobby

ShapeShift integration!

append delete #3. Johnnycrypto

I know the design will rock already but I wanna see
Total Supply:
Market Cap:
Stake Weight:
Interest Rate:

So I don't need 4 websites open at all times :)

append delete #4. Gazzatron

I'd like the wallet to be more user friendly with a comprehensive help files and 'how to's', the later (setting up you wallet, backups, staking etc) could be put on the web site. As these are
only documents, a noobs guide would be an advantage for everyone, especially use of the console feature. Best practices on how to manage your wallet and coins.

Backups as mention by another user should be automatic with a recovery process when errors are found during start-up, only takes a little disk space for the old wallets.dats.

Staking wallet option to start the wallet using minimal features just to get the wallet up and staking, leaving it encrypted but unlocked.

append delete #5. whitebeard

There is a typo in the "Bean Weight" tool tip. The word "Cumulative" is misspelled as "Cummaltive".

:: @Bitbeaner added on 21 Apr ’16 · 21:48

Thank you, it will be corrected in v1.2.0.0RC

#6. Vinshero

This post was deleted by its owner

append delete #7. Canny

Hi Beaners,

I do miss a option to see seperate adresses within the wallet. Currently i'm using 2 adresses, within the wallet, and the total is ok, i only have some coins missing when looking with the explorer into the mainadress. Offcourse i could just send them all to the mainadress, but the advantage of using different 'accounts' within the wallet is lost that way. My 5 cents. regards :D

I imagine it's maybe a though one, but would be great to also be able to send from these seperate accounts, so i can keep a staking-adress, and a pay/receive active adress within the same wallet. OK, i'm going back to testing beer...

:: @Bitbeaner added on 07 Jun ’16 · 03:33

Have you enabled "Display Bean Control Features" in Options -> Display tab ?

After that is enabled ("Checked"), you will have a new dialog "Bean Control Features" in the Send tab, which will allow you to select specific addresses or even blocks to use in sending.

Also keep in mind, that when you send BitBean, any remaining balance left over is sent to a "Change Address", which is automatically created. In the "Bean Control Features" dialog, you can specify a Custom Change address, which you could use the the same address your sending from..if you want the remainder to be sent back to the same address.

append delete #8. Canny

Beer's not cold yet ;)

I would love integration of qr-codes for send/receive to improve access with phones (with logo, that would be cool) , maybe add a info-page with handy links <+qr's>, like tradesites, explorer, this page ;) , wiki, etc. (not sure if good idea, but serve it anyway: a cash translator ; 1000.000 bitb=btc 0.1/ $40 / €38 (example) bye for now...

:: @Bitbeaner added on 07 Jun ’16 · 03:24

Thank you for the suggestions. All these ideas are great and we will work to incorporate them into upcoming releases. Thank you for taking the time to post them.

Looking forward to the cold Beer! :-)

append delete #9. DrSluice

I'd like to see right on the wallet window title bar , right next to Bitbean-Vault in Big frigging letters The wallet VERSION NUMBER and a BIG red flashing warning light if the wallet is chasing the wrong fork.

append delete #10. BTC.PASS

Recovery password
Fast, high-quality recovery of your forgotten password. Inexpensive!

append delete #11. EvRo74

Can anyone tell me - what is the cause of my problem?
I installed the purse, but it does not synchronize. A few days of hanging open to no avail.
Should the synchronization process be seen - as in other wallets - a line indicating the number of blocks loaded?
At me such line did not appear.
Help me please! While I keep all my coins in POSWallet

append delete #12. NTKCrypto

I'd like to see quick responses from Bitbean team when users are having problems. Like to see a solution for beginners like myself, who are trying to sync a Mac wallet but it only opens. I am not the only person to ask, I asked hours ago and still no response. If you want your bitbean to continue to grow, you must havew a more helpful community.

append delete #13. FicklePickle

Call them Beansactions instead of transactions.


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