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Source Code

Official Github repository: https://github.com/teambean/bitbean

A Web hosted wallet is also available.

You will need to make a bitbean.conf file and place it in your working directory in order for the wallet to sync. This issue is being addressed in an update release. In the meantime, download this sample configuration file and place it into %APPDATA%\Roaming\BitBean for Windows. If you need additional help, visit our live support channel on the Freenode IRC network in #bitbeans.

New Bitbean Wallet installation/setup tutorial available!


Ticker: BITB

Transaction fee: 0.01 BITB

Target Blocktime: 1 minute

Maturity: 110 Confirmations

Spendable: 10 Confirms.

Port: 22460.

RPC port: 22461.

Live Support:

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