Why is it Bigger?

Bitbean has a maximum coin supply of 50 billion virtual beans, approximately 2380 times more than Bitcoin's supply. With over 7 billion people currently living on earth, this will provide everyone enough Bitbeans - without creating fractions of account. Currently there are a little over 1.7 billion Bitbeans in existance. It will take another 93 more years before Bitbean's cap is reached. Bitbean is the first cryptocurrency to implement a 20MB block size limit. This is 20 times bigger than Bitcoin's maximum block size. Bitbean is designed from the ground up to be scalable and meet the demands of the future! Why wait for Bitcoin? Bitbean delivers 20MB block sizes today!

How is it Faster?

Bitbean has a target block time of 60 seconds, with a confirmation time, 10 times faster than Bitcoin! Future updates will allow for instant and real anonymous transactions! Bitbean is positioned to be a strong competitor in the market place, both online and offline as a means of exchange at brick and mortar businesses. POS (Point of Sale) software and hardware solutions are being developed as a key element of the Bitbean infastructure.

How much Stronger?

Bitbean is currently being maintained and developed by Bean Core, a virtual company comprised of top holders and developers of BitBean, who have a vested interest in it's success! After being abandoned by the original developer, the community ("Team Bean") and a dedicated team of developers ("Bean Core") came together and formed a plan, not only to continue development, but take Bitbean to the next level! Updated "wallets" have been developed for many platforms and are available for free download.

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BitBeans Latest News

Bitbean RoadMap Updated For 2nd. Half 2016

1.3 Million BitBeans Given Away At PorcFest Freedom Festival

BitBean Added to CoinPayments.net

Bitbean Added to CoinPayments.net

BitBean Added to Cryptopia Exchange

Bitbean Added to Cryptopia Exchange

New BitBean Wallet v1.1.0.0RC Released

Download the new updated Wallet

BitBean 2016 Updated RoadMap

Bitbean is a a transaction and commerce centric crypto-currency. Bitbean is being developed to be a real-time crypto currency for real-world use. An Android wallet is also being developed and planned for release late spring 2016. The Android wallet will allow you to take your Bitbeans on the road and make in-person payments to merchants. In addition, the Bitbean source code is being ported to Java and Rust (Memory safe and multi-platform enhancements -- that will make the wallets more secure and portable across a wider range of platforms.) In addition, Bitbean and its infastructure is being designed for real-life commerce. Bean Core is using the Iterative and Incremental Development Process. Developments will be made available as they are ready. Some of the development is pretty time intensive, specifically the migration to Java, Rust and the MaidSafe network integration. 2016 will see a lot of new developments rolling out for Bitbean!

Bitbean RoadMap for 2nd Half 2016

This Current RoadMap is also available in PDF format for download.

BitBean Logo

Family First Crypto-Currency

Team Bean is comprised of a team of developers that have families with children. Because of this, Team Bean's highest value is: "family time is first". Bitbean is the first crypto that is focused on putting families first. Bitbean development time is not at the expense of sacrificing family time. Your patience in seeing Bitbean develop is rewarded by knowing that "familiy time is first". With this in mind, realize that the developers have a long-term plan for Bitbean and development is not at the whim of the market, in order to "pump-up" the price.

Social & Private Capital Investments

Bitbean is being developed by a core group of developers and investors, known as "Bean Core". Around the core group is "Team Bean", which is comprised currently of over 1,000 holders of Bitbean. A web-portal is being developed for Team Bean and will be released the end of February 2016. "Bean Core" currently has a colaboration infastructure in place.